Goodbye 2019

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January 2, 2020
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As the year 2019 approaches its end, one’s experience may vary from good to bad but, no matter what, it is all in good hands. Whatever happens is all because of our God almighty and it is therefore incumbent to rely on Him. Whatever one’s religious affiliation does not matter—a relationship with the creator is personal.
The best things in life (as well as the bad) happens for a reason. Some experiences may teach lessons, while others serve as a reminder to not repeat the same mistake again.
The Christmas season must be centered on the birth of the creator and not a fancy celebration. The creator is the source of everything.
The world is so fancy that even traditions in celebrating Christmas have gradually decreased with the new generations ignorant about their ancestor’s practices.
The Christmas season in the Philippines is also the longest in the world.
As Filipinos, a family-oriented people, one looks forward to celebrating Christmas. Christmas parties are celebrated every year by everybody. In fact, the Christmas season is very costly to companies because, by law, they are required to provide 13th month to their employees and allocate a budget for a Christmas party. For big companies it is not a problem but, for companies that are not financially stable, it is a big problem for them.
I was invited to a lot of Christmas Parties and one thing I observed was the host trying to satisfy their guests as well as the employees based on what they can afford; however, generosity counts (whether the host can afford it or not). Christmas may be celebrated differently but money is still the big factor.
I hope and pray, as we are about to close this year, the lessons of the past serves as a guide to the future. I fervently pray that the Filipino people will be bountifully blessed in 2020; in particular, I hope and pray authorities will focus more on the welfare of children. A lot of abuse cases go unprotected because those who suffer in silence often do so because the perpetrator is their father or mother.
Children must be protected against these abuses and there are laws in place; however there is a problem with implementation as authorities act only when there is a complaint.
It is of public knowledge that there are abusive parents and neighbors are often witnesses but will not gamble and report the incident out of fear.
We must continue to ask guidance from God, who is a source of strength in the face of difficulty.
Goodbye 2019 and welcome 2020! /WDJ



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