Where is the NFA rice?

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August 31, 2018
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Viewers of a certain television program, which featured the Bacolod City National Food Authority (NFA) head as a guest, are asking where they can buy NFA rice. Many have raised suspicions, including some with malicious intent, suggesting NFA rice is being manipulated.

With regard to the NFA, they have adhered to their duties of providing good quality rice, particularly under the current administration. Under previous leadership, the poor quality of rice was noticeable. During those days, some even suggested NFA stood for “National Food for Animals;” with many purchasing NFA rice for their pets as it was not suitable for human consumption.

Many have credited the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte with bringing in better quality rice, but it is accredited rice dealers who are buying NFA rice and pricing them at commercial rice rates.

The sad part is no one would ever notice the difference.

Meanwhile, restaurants appear to be cutting back on rice servings, which is understandable as larger servings would require higher prices – plus, eating less right is better for our health, why worry if prices increase?

Health professional also say rice contains more sugar than sugar itself. I believe it is better to fry rice for breakfast because it burns off the sugar content.



While many are eagerly awaiting the reopening of Boracay, many are also waiting to see what happens when unscrupulous government officials and their personnel, who are responsible for the state the island was in, to return.



This column greets Rylina Ortaliz, Rene Cortum, Doc Joe Javellana, Ariston Minez, Jr., Tata Lacson, Doc Chris Sorongon, Linus Jimenez, Maui dela Cruz, Marlon Navarro, and Jerome Espejo./WDJ


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