The plight of senior citizens

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August 31, 2018
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The current plight of senior citizens, particularly in the countryside, is miserable as most are trapped in poverty. In the remaining years of their lives, many can barely eat three meals a day, 80 percent are debt-ridden, they can hardly afford medicine, and they are unable to withdraw pensions because of compounded loans and interest. Sadly, the money borrowed through loans are not typically used to start a small business, wherein they could sustain a daily living; it is often used to support siblings and others who are also dependent on pensions.

A couple months ago, the Social Security System (SSS) Pensioners Association national president requested SSS to provide pensioner loans. They must have seen the state in which seniors were living and believed they deserve a good life, one where they have adequate food, clothing, shelter, and a sufficient supply of medicine.

Senior citizens are the pillars of this country who, in the prime of their lives, contributed to our society one way or another. Government must find a solution and help pensioners become debt-free by looking into how these lending institutions conduct business, particularly regarding interest rates – even worse, there are reportedly underground lending firms, which are unregistered, charging even higher rates.

While listening to Brigada news anchors Homer Bais and Brigada Rommel Jamero discuss proposed legislation by Bacolod City lone district Rep. Greg Gasataya to provide senior citizens a 50 percent travel tax discount, I was in total agreement with the Brigada News FM anchors who believed there are many more pressing issues to help senior citizens on a fixed income besides offering travel discounts.

A majority of seniors cannot afford maintenance medicine, how much more travel?

Better legislation, ones imbued with public significance and interest, must be proposed. Did the congressman do any research into the plight of senior citizens? How many are traveling so frequently that he was compelled to put forward such a proposal? Will this discount really help the greater number of seniors?

Anong say n’yo senior citizens?/WDJ

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