26 years of undeserved grace

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April 6, 2024
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By Herman M. Lagon

As my daughter Parvane Mae Lagon approaches her 26th year this Friday, April 26, a reflection wave washes over me. Watching her grow, transform and mature into the remarkable person she is today has been nothing short of witnessing grace undeserved and the embodiment of Magis in its concrete form.

Her relentless pursuit of excellence illuminated Parvane’s path, a trait deeply ingrained in her formative years in Ateneo and further honed at WVSU. Her academic accolades — first honors, salutatorian, cum laude — are mere signposts in a journey defined by a much grander quest: Her endless desire to serve the least among us. This drive, perhaps an ethereal intertwining of her Atenean formation and WVSU’s values, speaks volumes about the grace that guides her steps.

Her commitment to social justice, particularly evident in her “Liwanag sa Dilim” grassroots campaigning, reveals a heart that beats for the marginalized. Alongside her sister Psyche, Parvane ventured into territories far removed from the comfort of textbooks and classrooms, into the barrios, sitios and puroks. Like many other “pinks,” her actions before and until today speak louder than any academic achievement could, as she persistently desires to live a faith that does justice.

Reflecting on her journey, I remember my big-time shortcomings as a parent, especially during her younger years. My rigid expectations, symbolized by a halo-halo incident over “what happens to the two percent from your 98 percent” grade, now seem trivial despite her vast accomplishments and an even bigger heart. Yet, these moments of toughness never deterred Parvane; they only seemed to fortify her resolve and dedication.

Parvane’s modesty about her talents — whether in journalism, where she emerged as an IWAG awardee, her surprisingly eloquent speaking skills, her secret love affair with research, or her intricate drawing skills — showcases a rare and precious humility, unlike her dad. I will not be surprised anymore if she whips me soon when she sees this article about her published. Nonetheless, her worldview, which prioritizes service over personal gain, is a testament to her character, deeply influenced by her spirituality, which is uniquely her own.

Her choice to pursue medicine, with a specific longing to serve in rural areas, mirrors a career path and a calling. Time and again, Parvane has shown me in her actions that she embodies the Magis, seeking not just the more but, much more so, the better to serve the excluded, the marginalized and the oppressed. Her life is a constant pursuit of this “more,” a testament to her belief that there’s always room for kindness, service and love in this world.

Despite her many achievements, Parvane remains a work in progress, beautifully flawed and relentlessly striving for improvement. Her moments of self-doubt, her struggles with the rigorous demands of medical education, and simple joys — like cleaning my room, strolling around Esplanade together, sharing cook Netflix videos, or surprising me with my favorite Smart C — are reminders of her humanity, growth and essence.

Her servant leadership style, grounded in service and humility, and her dedication to learning and growth reflect wisdom beyond her years. Perhaps unconsciously, Parvane has shown an exceptional ability to listen, reflect and act in ways that benefit her and those around her. Her life vividly illustrates the ideal of living for others, a principle she embodies in most steps.

As Parvane stands on the threshold of another year, I am grateful for the grace that brought her into our lives. Despite her imperfections, she is more than enough for many of us. Her journey is a testament to the power of grace undeserved and the pursuit of Magis, a call to live a life of greater purpose, service, and love. Happy 26th birthday, Doc Parvs!



Doc H fondly describes himself as a “student of and for life” who, like many others, aspires to a life-giving and why-driven world that is grounded in social justice and the pursuit of happiness. His views herewith do not necessarily reflect those of the institutions he is employed or connected with./WDJ

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