Murcia vice mayor accused of ‘slapping’ minor

Posted by watchmen
November 10, 2023


By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

A local government official in Negros Occidental was accused of allegedly slapping a minor during a scuffle that took place last November 2.

Murcia Vice Mayor Johnny Reosura allegedly slapped a 15-year-old resident of Bacolod City’s Barangay Vista Alegre, outside a golf club in Murcia town.

The victim claimed that Reosura’s nephew, also 15 years old, allegedly challenged the victim and his group in a fist fight.

The vice mayor’s nephew fell to the ground after getting punched.

The minor claimed that Reosura arrived and demanded him to hand over the brass knuckles they allegedly used against his nephew.

However, the victim denied using any weapons in the fight.

He said the vice mayor allegedly slapped and threatened him if he did not surrender the brass knuckles.

For his part, Reosura, in a phone interview, said that the incident was already settled.

He said a local government official was using that incident to further escalate the issue against him.

Reosura denied slapping the teenage victim but insisted that the minor and his group were using weapons that could inflict maximum harm.

However, he admitted that he held the victim’s mouth because he believed that they were telling lies about what really happened.

“We are here to settle this. Hambal kamo sang matuod kay may instruction ako sa ila nga indi kamo pwede mag-ginamo diri. Siling ko ang purpose sang sini nga lugar kay para indi kamo pag-prisohon kag mag-mayuhay kamo,” Reosura said.

Reosura added that he does not tolerate wrongdoing and he only imposes discipline.

He said his nephew would undergo a CT scan and x-ray to determine if he incurred any serious head injuries.

He also confirmed that the victim’s mother is planning to take legal action against him, but the matter had already been settled at the barangay./DGB, WDJ


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