A crisis, an opening

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June 29, 2022
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This is how we should react whenever we are into some crisis. We have to look at it as giving us another opening, another opportunity to explore the different possibilities not only survive but also to prosper.

If we have trust in God’s providence, if our faith is strong and abiding, we know that as St. Paul once said, everything will work out for the good. (cfr. Rom 8, 28) Even our problems, difficulties and misfortunes can turn out to be great blessings which otherwise would not come to us if these predicaments did not come about.

I know a friend whose business was badly affected by the pandemic and the quarantine restrictions. He had a string of grocery and department stores that had all but closed down. He literally had to subsidize the staff who were obviously in dire straits. He knew his resources cannot sustain that gesture for long.

But an idea came to him. He has this hobby of collecting decorative plants that are small in size. Through the years he has been accumulating already a good quantity of these plants. He knew where to source them.

When this phenomenon of the “plantitos” and “plantitas” came around, he immediately thought of selling at least some of them, and involving some of his staff in the process. The idea caught on like wildfire, especially because he asked his charming 6-year old grandson to advertize the plants online. Orders came pouring in.

Were the sale of the plants enough the offset the losses in his regular business? I did not bother to ask. But I am sure that what he did helped him and others in some way. I believe this is what counts more than anything else.

I am sure there are many other examples of how difficulties can occasion novel and creative initiatives. We should just be game about our predicaments, since that attitude is more helpful than just allowing ourselves to succumb to worries and fears.

Let’s remember that life is like a game. We just have to play our best even if we suffer some losses and defeats along the way. We just have to move on, knowing that the important thing is just to keep going until our last breath.

We have to remember that when one door closes, another or even several other doors open. We should just be quick to discern and take advantage of the new opportunities.

In this regard, what is important is to strengthen our faith, hope and charity, so that we can always go along the ways of God who, in his providence, would know how to derive good from evil, strength from weakness, blessings from difficulties.

Let’s never forget that we are supposed to live always under God’s providence and never just by our own selves, relying solely on our human powers and earthly factors, even if we have to make full use of them, of course.

So, let’s avoid getting stuck with worries and fears when some crisis would strike us. Rather we have to look at them as challenges God allows to give us because a greater good can be derived from them.

We have to learn to look always at the brighter side of life rather than to get entangled in its dark side. We have reason to be serene, confident, optimistic and cheerful in spite of whatever crisis may come./WDJ

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