WV cops gird for safe New Year revelry

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January 3, 2022
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The Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6) is encouraging Western Visayans to welcome the new year with caution and vigilance.

PRO-6 director, Police Brigadier General Flynn Dongbo, reminds the people that when leaving their homes to attend the Masses or do market errands, they must ensure that their homes are properly locked, appliances are unplugged, and no lighted candles are left unattended.

Dongbo also advised the public to be watchful while traveling and when in crowded public places so lawless criminal elements will not have an opportunity to commit crimes.

They should be watchful of their valuable items like wallets, cellular phones and jewelry while in malls, restaurants and in similar populated establishments, too, he added.

PRO-6 will deploy over 1,500 police personnel regionwide in strategic areas like churches, markets, and terminals.

The PRO-6 will also tap the force multipliers and barangay officials to help the police.

Dongbo urged the public to secure the hotline numbers of the local police, Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), nearest hospitals, and rescue units.

“Let us welcome the new year peacefully and with high hopes that it will usher us all to new dimensions of progress and harmony. We can achieve this with everyone’s cooperation,” Dongbo emphasized.

There were some police officers who have been deployed since the first week of December to local ports, bus and jeepney terminals where more people are expected to gather especially those who will be going home.

“We need to deploy our men sa mga areas na may maraming tao at the same time sa terminals kasi may mga information desks tayo para mag assist sa mga tao,” the PRO-6 director added. (Ruby Silubrico)/WDJ

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