Hundreds sign up for VMC Planters’ Caravan

Posted by watchmen
August 18, 2021

Over 200 sugar farmers have signed up for the Planters’ Caravan launched by Victorias Milling Company, Inc. (VMC) in collaboration with Victorias Manapla Cadiz Farmers Association Inc., Negrense Sugar Planters Association Inc. and Negros del Norte Planters Association since last week to signal the opening of the mill.

Sugar producers signed up at the VMC Planters’ Caravan that started last week in the Jerusalem Transloading Station in Barangay Jerusalem, Cadiz City. This week the caravan continues in the town of Manapla and Victorias City with various planter associations affiliated with the mill to signal the opening of the milling season on August 23. (VMC photo)

VMC President Minnie Chua said this is their way of “bringing the mill to the planters for their convenience.”

Over 200 planters in Cadiz City, mostly small producers, have signed up with their chosen partner associations to mill with VMC since the start of the caravan last August 10 in barangays Jerusalem, Mabini and Bonifacia.

This week VMC is expecting hundreds more planter patrons in Manapla and Victorias City and along with the over 100 farmers who signed up just before the caravan. Chua said they are bound to hit over 400 planters with this effort covering the three localities.

He said it was a good exercise because apart from the sign-ups in preparation for their mill opening on Monday, August 23, “it was also a venue to interact with its planters and answer their queries.” She added that those who signed up will experience more convenience in sending their canes to the mill.

Chua also thanked the local government units, especially the barangay officials who extended their help to ensure proper health protocols were maintained at the caravan site.

The last day for sign-ups will be tomorrow, August 19, at the covered court of Hacienda Nasipunan in Barangay 12, Victorias City./WDJ

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