SEC reminds deadline of filing of required forms to avoid P10K fine

Posted by watchmen
July 30, 2021

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), through SEC Bacolod Extension Office, is reminding about the filing of required forms or notices to avoid a P10,000 penalty.

“Pursuant to the power of the commission to promulgate rules to facilitate and expedite among others the submission of reports, notices and documents under the Revised Corporation Code, corporations, partnerships, associations and individuals are required to create and designate official and alternate email address and cellphone number for transactions with the commission,” a SEC statement said.

The deadline for the submission of the forms/notices pursuant to MC No. 28 is extended until August 31, 2021.

The forms may be filed online through the email platform,

Filing of the forms/notices beyond August 31, 2021 shall be considered non-compliant and will be subject to penalty in the amount of P10,000, it added.

“Covered entities are reminded to be responsible in designating their official or alternate email address and contact number. They are further advised to be mindful of the integrity of the contact details provided in the forms/notices.

A valid official or alternate email address shall pertain to an existing email address, to which the commission may deliver email messages through the internet and from which the Commission may receive email messages through the internet.
“On the other hand, a valid or alternate mobile phone number shall pertain to an existing mobile phone number from any telecommunications company legally operating in the Philippines to which the commission may call or deliver short message service (SMS) and from which the commission may receive SMS or calls,” SEC statement added./WDJ

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