What’s next after MGCQ?

Posted by watchmen
December 14, 2020
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Time swiftly passed by and it’s already the last month of the year. Most of us are looking forward to celebrate Christmas in whatever means we can afford. Christmas parties are out of sight as per declaration of the government. Even family gathering and rejoicing this yuletide season is controlled due to a legitimate reason that even if we are now under the modified general community quarantine (MGCQ), the common enemy is still around the corner waiting at the right time for a victim. 
The health protocols must still be observed at all times in order to protect us from the sting of the killer virus. However there are a lot of irresponsible citizens who are not observing the proper health protocols especially the social distancing. I’ve seen a lot in a particular national government agency wherein they did not observe social distancing when they released the salaries of their contractual employees after the completion of the project.
What kind of leadership this agency has when they allowed their employees to get their salaries in just one given time notwithstanding the number of persons they will cater? Are they out of their minds without thinking the cause and effect of such an irresponsible act? Are they not aware of social distancing policy of the government or they are just complacent about it? This is the kind of situation that the government should focus on, proper and strict implementation is highly enjoined and punished those who are not complying thereto.
The year 2020 gave us different learning experiences that we can remember dearly when this virus is over, but when? Only God knows the answer. We must entrust to Him everything, even our not so good friends. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the true attitude of our so-called friends came out and we realized that some of them are fake. They are just for good times, but come bad times, they’re gone. On the other hand, there are some who are not so close to us but in times like this they can be trusted and exemplified the true essence of friendship. They are the real human beings who understand the predicament of their friends.
Moving forward, may the good Lord grants us the desires of our hearts in 2021. May the economy improves, considering the worst economic situation we experienced during the pandemic, wherein most Filipinos lost their businesses and livelihood. Good for you that even in times of pandemic you are still in your job, your business survived, and most importantly, we are COVID-free as well as our family.
As the year is soon to end we may realize to change our attitude in dealing with the crisis. The resiliency of Filipinos is always being tag as our strength despite the inefficiency of our government especially in the local scene. We must see to it that we will remember what happened during the pandemic, who are the public officials who performed well and who did not. We have the same right to vote, rich or poor, we are in equal footing. We must exercise our right of suffrage religiously. Please do not sell your dignity for just P1,000. Vote as your conscience dictates so that these unscrupulous politicians will learn their lessons well./WDJ



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