Weekend lockdown in Bacolod

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September 4, 2020
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Tension, fear and anxiety are the most common effects of the pandemic. Last weekend caused fear to some residents of Bacolod City when the local government conducted a Covid-19 mass testing. Some do not understand the basis or process of selecting the individuals “qualified” for the mass testing. The government just declared a certain number of people to be tested.  

“We see the politicians of the city leading this health program and protocols but we do not hear qualified medical practitioners giving advices regarding this pandemic,” stated a lawyer.



Doubts on SAP distribution

Some residents of the province have aired their doubts whether they will still receive their Special Amelioration Program (SAP) benefit from the government. Some residents are holding the document that entitles them to the second tranche of government’s financial aid but until now they have not received the money.

Who is then responsible and accountable for the distribution? Is it the barangay captain or the mayor, asked the disgruntled Filipinos. There had been so many reports about the anomalies in SAP distribution and chances are the politicos are involved on this, said a retiree.

Philippine politics have been associated with corruption that even President Duterte could not discover the maneuvers that these nincompoops in government are doing.



LGUs need to discipline residents

More than anything else, the poor discipline of barangay leaders and some mayors of their constituents is one of the contributing factors for the spread of the coronavirus. Barangay leaders seem not to care to reprimand the residents for not following the health and safety protocols such as wearing of face masks, physical distancing and washing of hands. Why so? Because many believe that politicians are afraid of voters, a lawyer said. Did you hear a news about barangay leaders penalizing their residents for disobeying health protocols?

Yes, there are ordinances passed by councilors regarding health protocols but no one has been penalized yet for disobeying the protocols.

“These are all for pogi points and show only,” quipped a lawyer.

“No matter how many doctors and nurses will be assigned in an area as long as strict discipline will not be in full enforcement, this pandemic seems to remain forever,” said a medical adviser.



How is DOT Region VI?

Without a doubt, for quite a long time, the Western Visayas has always been in active force in promoting its tourism destinations. The Department of Tourism VI’s (DOT-6) slogan, “Experience Western Visayas First,” has indeed implanted the effort to promote one’s own backyard before going out of the fence.

This brainy promotion is a concept of the present DOT-6 Regional Director, Atty. Helen Catalbas. Director Catalbas was set to retire last April. She had submitted her documents for retirement later last year. On the same date that her papers were received by Malacañan Palace, she received an order notice of “EXTEND.”

Even with pressures from other political forces, Director Catalbas passed the rigid test of trust and confidence by President Duterte and the Secretary of Tourism. Indeed, President Duterte is not a sleeping president. He observes things around like an innocent boy.

Tourism stakeholders are clamoring for the extension of Director Catalbas’ energetic working muscles and brain in DOT-6./WDJ

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