Economic effects of pandemic

Posted by watchmen
September 4, 2020
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The current Covid-19 pandemic that we are experiencing now is really beyond our expectation. People are not prepared for this phenomenon worldwide and even the most progressive economy is caught off guard. It’s a sad reality wherein we have no solution in sight. 

The economy is down the drain and the most affected are the third world countries that even without the pandemic are struggling to survive. Philippines is one of those affected economically considering that unemployment rate is very high and this pandemic adds to the pressing problems. The employed are experiencing the reduced income considering that employers are affected and the skeletal workforce scheme is implemented.

Private businesses cannot be blamed also because they are affected economically. It’s sad to note that thousands of establishments like hotels and restaurants are either not allowed to operate or forced to close. It adds up to the already high rate of unemployment. As a Christian nation we have nothing to do about it but to entrust everything to the Almighty. Everybody bow down and ask God for Divine intervention and this is not an option but a must.

I saw how employees from the private sector suffer in this time of pandemic. While our government employees during the Covid-19 pandemic still receive their salaries, those working in the private sector suffer from the no-work-no-pay scheme.

But really, some of the government employees who enjoy these benefits [which you and I are part of because we are paying our taxes] do not deserve to be in the service. They are the rotten apples in government service destroying the integrity of the government. These government employees, if strictly monitored, should already be out of service because of their work attitude. They only serve in the government because of the salary and other benefits they are receiving, not because they have the passion and dedication to their job. Being late in the morning and always early to go home are just classic examples of the hard-headed, unscrupulous government employees who have the impunity to do whatever they want.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that tarnishes the government’s image. “Public office is public trust” remains a byword but in reality, sad to say others don’t know the real meaning of it./WDJ


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