People know how to wash their hands now

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March 10, 2020
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I have been telling people that the dirtiest parts of the body are the hands. Few believed me but others laughed and insisted the rear end was the dirtiest. However, I always insisted, with the dirtiest material on earth being money, such items are held and kept in wallets and purses.
Today, with the coronavirus spreading around the world, the public understands the importance of washing their hands regularly or keeping hand sanitizer handy.
Public places such as shopping malls and stores are providing sanitizer for customers to keep their hands clean. I pray this becomes an everyday habit.
Yet, looking at local carinderias, city officials appear to not care much about cleanliness. The city government issues health permits without inspecting lavatories, water quality, cooking area, and toilets.
In an effort to bring about a clean and sanitary community, local government must look into these concerns.

* * *
In rural areas, children fall ill for one reason or the other and it is due to the lack of water, which they need to wash their hands, face, and body. Due to their circumstances, some are forced to take baths once every three days.
I have spoken to politicians who expressed concern for public health and I advised them to pursue projects where potable water can be supplied to local community. Sad to say, nobody has seemed to heed my call. Nobody realizes the human body is 75 percent water and a lack of water brings about various illness.
Another severe deficiency of government is a lack of hospitals. For Negros Occidental, patients from Hinoba-an are often transported to Bacolod City or Silay City for treatment, are there no fully-equipped hospitals in other parts of the province? Only the government can take action.

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This column greets Tony Agustin, Francis Velez, Jennylind Cordero, Reuben Tampos, Richard Oquendo, Virgie Minez, George Jardiolin, May Castro, Francis Redil Villanueva, Luel Magbanua, and Dondi Yapjoco /WDJ

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