Do not silence us

Posted by watchmen
March 9, 2020
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Enough is enough!
I’ve been watching from the sidelines for awhile without saying anything rash. I tried observing in silence when I realized that being silent is not an option for a country on the verge of a dying democracy. From Rappler to ABS-CBN, the government’s fight against media critics is too much to handle when they are obviously abusing their power to close down these media giants. The abuse is a clear sign of killing what remains of our dwindling democracy.
As we are moving forward day by day under this regime, we always face new issues that hinder our own growth as Filipinos. But why is it that many of us still remain mum? Are we the silent majority?
If we consider ourselves the majority, why do we choose to keep silent? Shouldn’t we voice our concerns publicly even if it’ll enrage administration supporters? Shouldn’t we become the voices of those powerless victims of the government’s abuse of power?
Enough is enough, I say!
We should fight for our rights and have our voices heard! We have been silent for far too long or perhaps we’ve shouted but our cries weren’t heard. We have to keep up the challenge no matter how hard it is.
If a big media conglomerate like ABS-CBN closes down, what will become of the free press? What will become of our freedom to express what we think is corrupt and unlawful?
Every government of any country should learn how to deal with criticism in a positive way in order for them to learn from their mistakes. But as I can see, it isn’t the same with this government. You’ll be imprisoned or charged when you talk against it. Senator Leila de Lima? Maria Ressa? And, now, a big corporation like ABS-CBN?
Who or what else is there that they can threaten to not say a word against them?
If we keep on letting this government do what they want to do and take what’s little left of our freedom, it only means that we’re giving up on our country.
Let’s not be silent. WE MUST NOT BE SILENT./WDJ

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