Muslim community outraged over Bacolod City killing

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December 5, 2019
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Several members of Bacolod City’s Muslim community expressed outraged over the recent abduction and murder of Ontao Sacar. In an interview with RMN DYHB-Bacolod, a man who requested anonymity and had prepared Sacar’s remains for burial claimed Sacar may have been tortured prior to being killed.
He said the victim’s left eye was gouged out and there were bruises across his abdomen.
Five gunshot wounds were also found on the victim’s head, three of which on his left ear and two in the face. Two exit wounds were also discovered in the face and neck.
In addition, members of the local Maranao Muslim Community slammed the treatment and humiliation their former leader was put through by the suspects by writing the words “I love drugs” on his remains.
They further claimed the allegations that Sacar was active in illegal drugs are not true.
Meanwhile, both Police Station 2 (PS2) and Police Station 3 (PS3) coordinated in the investigation.
PS2 commander, Police Major Sherlock Gabana, said they are currently coordinating with establishments near where Sacar was abducted, asking for a copy of their closed-circuit television camera footage. Additionally, PS3 commander, Police Major Ruel Culanag, coordinated with hotel establishment near where the victim’s remains were found as it is possible their staff members may have spotted the red-colored sport utility vehicle used by the suspects.
Police also believe Sacar may have been killed in another part of the city and his remains were dropped off in Barangay Mandalagan as, they noted, neither hotel staff nor nearby residents heard any gunshots where the victim’s remains were found.
Earlier, Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) spokesperson, Police Lt. Colonel Ariel Pico, confirmed Sacar was a previously-surrendered drug suspect who gave himself up to Police Station 6 in September 2018.
The BCPO spokesperson stated, however, they are not yet considering the case as being drug-related as they were instructed by BCPO director, Police Colonel Henry Biñas, to review all possible angle, such as a business dispute, personal grudges, among other possible motives.
“We are not disregarding [the possibility] the case [may have] stemmed from illegal drugs, but we are also looking at business interests and personal grudges because he is a businessman,” Pico said./DGB, WDJ

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