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November 4, 2019
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The issue surrounding plans to remove traffic islands in Bacolod City’s capitol shopping area has simmered down. As one who understands road management, I am obliged to explain that trees along the said islands are helpful. I am sure City Councilor Dindo Ramos was misguided in thinking the trees are useless—trees are never useless, they are the fruits of development.
The traffic islands and trees do not disrupt an inch of vehicle mobility. As one who understands traffic systems, they do not cause delays. What is affecting movement is the condition of the road. The pavement needs improvement; particularly Hilado Street, Narra Avenue, and Tindalo Street need to be asphalted. Vehicles operating along the roads are left trying to avoid the bad conditions.

“Ma-traffic ang logar” is not true!
Bacolodnons do not like to be delayed and traffic lights in the area have motorists believing “ma-traffic ang logar.” The timing system needs to be reduced, which will make vehicular movement balanced. For example, the corner of Araneta Avenue and Alijis road, near the old airport, a traffic light is not necessary there since, when traffic lights are installed, traffic is slower. When the traffic lights are switched off, movement is much faster.
There was once a traffic light at the intersection of Araneta Avenue and Luzuriaga Street, where the old City Hall is located, and it was never a solution, only a problem.
The city needs a traffic authority with better senses—one that understands what needs to be done. For me, the rerouting scheme for southbound jeepneys was a good move. The changes avoid decongestion along Gatuslao Street, where Mandalagan and Banago bound jeepneys are already in place.
Ramos should look into this idea and never be contradicted by the traffic authority.
To the city official: Bring diagonal, nose-in parking back to San Juan Street, between Gonzaga and Luzuriaga Streets (even better if toll parking were to be imposed in some areas). This is a busy street but it is wide and diagonal parking would not be a problem—believe me.

This column greets Renato Novero, Reuben Tampos, Richard Oquendo, Evelyn Ong, Bobby Tee, Millie Gonzaga, Kate Brios, Tony Agustin, Jonathan Lobaton, Francis Velez, and Jenny Cordero /WDJ


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