Yanson sibling calls on mother to ‘honor commitment’ to Ceres Mart

Posted by watchmen
September 2, 2019

By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

After Vallacar Transit Incorporated, which operates the Ceres bus liner, earlier announced they would close down the 13 Ceres Mart branches located at Ceres bus terminals, a decision expected to affect 217 employees, Ricardo Yanson, Jr. yesterday appealed to his mother, Olivia Yanson, to “honor her commitment” and allow Emily Yanson, who runs the retail chain, to operate at company terminals.
“Right now, Emily is seriously concerned about how to take care of the displaced 200 workers due to the precipitate and unilateral decision of our mother,” he said.
The Yanson sibling plans on meeting with his mother to raise the issue, adding, “Emily was deeply hurt by my mother’s actions and, as a sign of respect, Emily relented to their mother’s demands despite knowing that her mother does not have a legal right to do so since she does not have any shares in the company.”
Last month, Ceres Mart Operations Manager Annely Sina-on cited safety as a reason for the closures.
“They felt threatened when they [reported] for work,” she explained. “The power and water supply [were] cut off and, if they [entered], they [were] not allowed to leave.”
Sina-on added, Emily Yanson is looking into other opportunities for the displaced workers.
“She has ordered us to look for new locations to open new branches so the retrenched employees could be hired again,” she explained./DGB, WDJ

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