GMRC seminars should be required before marriage

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December 1, 2018
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“…Train the child in the way that he should go while he is still young and he will never depart from it even if he grows old…” –Psalm 22:6


If President Rodrigo Duterte believes requiring Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) curriculum for young people will instill discipline, he must also look into good manners and right conduct (GMRC), along with the fear and love of God, as concepts that should be taught in every Filipino home. Instilling discipline and the values of truth, fairness, honesty, and godliness can only happen at home during childhood (when the kid’s mind is still moldable and impressionable) – a disciplined child will grow up to be a disciplined adult.

The entire Duterte administration must come up with a program to bring back discipline to every Filipino household. There are many ways of accomplishing this but the most important method is assuring couples that intend on marrying are equipped with such qualities. How is it done? Couples should be forced (yes, forced) to undergo rigorous seminars on GMRC; first from the church, then through psychologists and guidance counselors. These seminars should take place a year before their scheduled wedding date and, after that year, a type-of board exam will be administered before the couple is permitted to marry.

With regard to requiring ROTC for college students, there are valid (and even good) points and I am convinced, as Duterte has stated, the program can be used to instill discipline among young people.

It cannot be denied that more and more children are undisciplined, with the greater majority of them being openly rude, brash, and disrespectful towards God, their parents, and fellow humans. Many are also involved with deadly and destructive vices and have become emboldened to commit the most heinous of crimes.

Filipino children no longer constitute the “hope of the Fatherland,” as said by Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. They have since become the curse of the nation. If they are no longer subject to discipline or taught GMRC, they are bound to make life difficult for the entire country once it is their time to raise their own families or run communities.

However, while I agree with the president’s belief that ROTC can make an impact in disciplining young people, how many actually have the privilege of attending college? According to Commission on Higher Education data, out of a population of 107 million, the number of young people enrolled at an institution of higher education is about 4.1 million. In my opinion, these figures show there will still be many more Filipinos who would not be subject to ROTC, which means it doesn’t really matter if it is required for college students.



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