Simple traffic solutions in 78 hours (Part 1)

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November 7, 2018
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After seeing the Bacolod City government was seeking assistance from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in crafting a traffic place for the city, this column will devote a week to road management and traffic.

It is sad to see bashers on social media asking why the city government would ask the MMDA to help prepare a master traffic plan. It should be recalled, prominent members of the local motoring industry and business had been asking for a copy of the masterplan after being told there was already one available; now, it is revealed there was none.

Three years ago, Bacolod City Administrator, Atty. John Orola, said he “discovered” a personality in Bacolod City who could share knowledge on road and traffic management – even Bacolod City Councilor Dindo Ramos, who chairs the transportation and traffic committee, informed the city administrator this person was as “qualified as a horse that could win on the racetracks.”

Orola persuaded this person to join him in addressing the city’s traffic woes.

Given that this person was kind and qualified, they agreed to help. Once the individual in charge of traffic knew this person was on board, they referred to this person as a “partner on the road.”

Months passed and this person assisted the city administrator with concerns – even other matters. However, the local government only allotted a meager budget for the recruit and, despite being asked to stamp their signature on the document, to this day, not a single centavo has been placed in their hands.

Yet, because this person is so kind, they used their own resources as a means to inspire others.

December is coming up soon and a traffic plan is needed for the expected holiday shopping rush.

The Mandalagan area, in particular, has been identified as a “serious road struggle,” with the head of city traffic creating a plan specifically for that area and presenting it to the mayor, who agreed with the idea as it was the first time hearing of such a scheme.

About three hours after implementation, social media was flooded with bashers calling for the names of those involved with the pattern. The next day, the plan was scrapped.



This column greets Jun Lagarde, Gerard Tupas, Rey Bala-an, Nni Lovina, Noel Jimenez, Nino Lizares, Karen Matti, Toto Tarrosa, Levy Pangue, JB Ongsingco, Luel Magbanua, Art Colmedora, and Rodel Guinoo./WDJ

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