P85M reallocated for market, slaughterhouse repairs

Posted by watchmen
November 7, 2018

The Iloilo City Council yesterday passed a resolution allocating P85 million for the rehabilitation of city-run markets and slaughterhouses.

“Our city’s public markets, [in their] present state, there’s only little improvement,” the City Councilor Armand Parcon-sponsored resolution stated. “Our [slaughterhouses] are progressively deteriorating.”

The policy called the facilities “vital public utilities,” adding, “[Their] premises must be kept clean, safe, and conducive for the general public at all times.”

Meanwhile, City Councilor Joshua Alim suggested a development plan for all public markets.

“There should be a comprehensive or development plan for all markets before we start the ball rolling,” he explained.

The city official also proposed realigning the anticipated P500 million loan intended for a sports arena and spending it on the markets.

“We have already authorized the mayor to negotiate that loan,” he added.

The said P85 million was initially nixed from an earlier proposed supplemental budget./WDJ

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