A silent river does not mean there aren’t crocodiles

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November 6, 2018
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“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt


Guimbal Mayor Oscar ‘Oca’ Garin, Sr. did not want the public speculating about why he filed a certificate of candidacy for the same position as his daughter-in-law, former Department of Health Secretary Janette Loreto-Garin, and the incumbent, his son, Iloilo first district Rep. Oscar ‘Richard’ Garin, Jr., and has since withdrawn from the race. The mayor was also aware voters were not convinced he desired a return to congress after finding an oasis of happiness and satisfaction on his farm when he wasn’t at the municipal hall.

People familiar with the political clan’s dynamics know, as an astute politician, “Tatay Oca” would never allow anyone to read their plans; much less influence their future as a dynasty. His withdrawal from the congressional race was expected since day one by both critics and supporters as it paves the way for his son to seek reelection against former Miag-ao Mayor Gerardo ‘Gerry’ Flores, their clan’s perennial whipping boy.

The mayor will continue to keep the aces up his sleeve until the eleventh hour, not letting other players predict his strategy – don’t count the political maestro out yet.

The clan, which has been dominant in the first district for over 30 years, is backing Iloilo fourth district Rep. Ferjenel ‘Ferj’ Biron for governor, who faces Iloilo third district Rep. Arthur ‘Toto’ Defensor, Jr. for the seat. However, even with the patriarch’s imprimatur, Biron shouldn’t neglect the “Baywatch” – a silent river does not mean there aren’t crocodiles. While still alive and active in politics, the Garin patriarch is expected to find ways to worm his way into becoming the next vice governor, and eventually governor – the two integral positions missing from his public service arsenal.



A candidate for Iloilo City councilor has reportedly agreed to settle a P30,000 debt with a former city government casual employee out of fear the lender may “spill the beans” during the campaign period. The candidate, who badly needs the job due to mounting financial obligations, would not want the issue used against them as it may cripple their chances of winning.

“I already sent him several demand letters, but he all ignored them,” protested the former employee from Barangay Dulonan, in Iloilo City’s Arevalo district.

The money was lent with a promise of repayment between September and December 2017.

“Nagpakitlooy sia nga mahulam kuarta kay gina dialysis kuno sia, but when it was time for him to pay he gave me a lot of problems,” the lender explained. After failing to honor their obligation, Barangay Dulonan authorities were called upon for assistance.

The candidate has since agreed to begin repayment in November 2019.

“Kon indi gid man sia magbayad ipa sa Diyos ko na lang ini tanan,” the former casual employee wrote to me.



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