The best candidate for Bacolod City’s top post

Posted by watchmen
October 5, 2018
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Rumors have been spreading like wildfire claiming former Bacolod City councilor, Atty. Lyndon Caña, plans to run in the upcoming elections for Bacolod City mayor. Different groups are reportedly urging him to run as many are fed up with the current political situation in the city.

Let us join hands and pray he will heed the call. I still believe there are city residents who cannot be bought during the election period.

Caña’s stint in the Bacolod City Sangguniang Panlungsod speaks for itself. He is the true essence of a public servant. As a Christian, he has never compromised his faith and convictions; the entire Baptist community, other non-Catholic denominations, and even Catholics respect him. It goes beyond religion as one’s character and integrity is also measured.

His morality is also beyond reproach.

The moment I heard he was being considered as a candidate and that he was not closing the door to the idea, I set aside another topic to discuss his potential candidacy. I believe this is very important for Bacolodnons.

The city needs leaders in the truest sense. One who has integrity, not involved in graft or corruption, proactive, and will implement ordinances regardless of who gets hurt.

The voice of majority of the people must be heard, not just the favored few.

As of this writing, Bacolod City Councilor Ricardo Tan is expected to hold a press conference where he will either formally declare his candidacy for mayor or postpone his rumored run. Between Tan and Caña, the latter has a better chance at taking the post.

Admittedly, in a three-cornered fight, nobody can bear the incumbent – it’s why Abang Lingkod partylist Rep. Stephen Paduano dropped his bid for Bacolod City mayor.

It’s a good thing that Caña’s name is being mentioned, it gives voters a choice instead of handing the incumbent another term on a silver platter.

Got for it, Atty. Caña! The people of Bacolod City are hungry for a new face to occupy City Hall. I believe you are the answer to our ongoing quest for good leadership./WDJ

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