4Ps makes Pinoys lazy

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June 8, 2018
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Life is meant for people to be industrious, persevering, patient, hardworking, passionate, dedicated, loving, understanding, among other qualities. Many believe politics makes people lazy.

In order for politicians to remain in power and continuing accumulating wealth, they must win over voters by making them like barking dogs. There are no more decent ways to win office. There are a number of serious and dedicated candidates willing to serve but they have no hope because such candidates do not have the money to sway voters.

In politics, there is a only small circle of names that sit in power and it is unclear if they are truly there to serve the “common tao.”

A lawyer said most politicians are successful entrepreneurs who are able to prevent businesses from entering “their territory” by refusing to issue the appropriate permits.

A doctor noted, politicians have many privileges over the average citizen, noting, when politicians travel, after they walk through the x-ray body scanner, instead of being frisked, security salutes them.

The lawyer then brought up the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), which previous administrations use to provide dole outs. They pointed out, many Pinoys are choosing to declare themselves “poor” and “pitiful” in order to receive the government entitlement. A teacher noted, many domestic helpers, or kasambahay, have left the industry in order to collect 4Ps instead. They believe President Rodrigo Duterte should end the program.

They also suggested a new 4Ps – Pagkain (food, not cash), Pang-sinaing (rice, not cash), Panggamot (medicine and vitamins, not cash), and Pang-eskwela (scholarship, not cash).

“In this way, the Filipinos are also taught to work, sweating out for a hard day’s earnings, and not dole outs,” the teacher added.

The doctor noted, politicians ultimately gain an advantage through entitlement programs as they control who qualifies and it’s usually those who will feel indebted to the official who provides them with a handout.

Any dole outs distributed in a regular manner will make people lazy and politically dependent, the teacher affirmed. When will this country learn? Please stop this Mr. President!



This column greets Joseph Danoy, Edgar Cabase, Frank Carbon, Toto Tarrosa, Jezrel Jordan, Joy Jimenez, Faye Ramos, Christine Tomas, Karen Gerochi, Crispin Chua, Tony Uy, and Neel Abordaje./WDJ


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