Why you should date a philosopher on Valentine’s day?

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February 14, 2018
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“For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when all the birds of every kind that men can imagine come to choose their mates.” –Geoffrey Chauncey, Parliament of the Foules
February 14, a day which changes the course of humanity, where individuals are in love throughout the day, then continue their normal lives after 24 hours of sweetness. For the commercialist, it is a good opportunity to make money through Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. On this very special day, which Geoffrey Chauncey coined as “Saint Valentine’s day,” why should you date a philosopher?
Philosophers are pragmatic
A philosopher always asks questions. They would question the nature of the celebration, bombarding others with inquiries about the necessity of the holiday. Specifically, they will ask the essence of eating at a fancy restaurant to express your love, when a couple can just grab fast-food and have tea together instead. Practicing social dining skills is fine but what it is important is sharing an intimate moment together – without spending a lot of cash. There are a hundred ways to make this day complete without a candle light dinner or exchanging gifts.
Think practically instead of being a “one day millionaire.”
Philosophers are good listeners, he will always pay attention on what you say
Mental exercises are meals for philosophers. Ask anyone who undergoes training for an A.B. Philosophy and you will be amazed at how they listen to every detail of a conversation – living in a maxim to learn is to know and to know is to listen. Philosophers listen to understand and they will pay attention because they believe listening and paying attention leads to a eudemonic experience, where the happiness of the person is the top priority.
The most desired gift for a woman is not diamonds or roses or chocolate, it is focused attention.
Philosophers will not discriminate you by your actions
On your first date, you try your best not to commit any unintentionally embarrassing actions. However, philosophers do not discriminate such deeds, nor does it turn them off. For them, it is a product of the cultural process, where people develop as time goes on and it is understandable that humans are prone to mistakes. What is important is to know the person more, resulting in loving them more; after all, if you do make a mistake, do not be afraid to admit to it and amend your ways.
Philosophers will not choose you as their date because of bodily features and material goods
The goal of dating someone is to know them more. Philosophers do not look at vital statistics or economic standing; they are interested in conversation and understanding the essence of life. Is it more on knowing each other and thinking beyond the horizon. Philosophers will not look at you as a commodity, which means dating is not curtailed to physical and material things, it is seeing the person in you.
Philosophers always know how to articulate a topic to keep the conversation going
Socrates once said, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing.” Philosophers are not people who know all but they know how to manage any topic to keep the conversation going. They always ask questions, which prompts them to understand the topic. It helps to think critically and analyze every situation with great precision, which makes philosophers not only good at articulating a topic, but will help leads one on the path of knowledge.
Philosophers are not expensive people, they are content with a cup of coffee and conversation.
Lastly, philosophers don’t believe that Valentine’s Day must be celebrated as a commodity, it is a meeting of two souls who wants to unite in meaningful conversation, while finding answers in this peculiar world. Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers but for companionship./WDJ

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