Cadiz City man hacked to death by his brother on New Year’s Eve

Posted by watchmen
January 3, 2018
By Neska Centina
A man was hacked to death by his brother on New Year’s eve at Hacienda Buena Suerte in Barangay Andres Bonifacio, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental.
The fatality was identified as 46-year-old Claro Billos, a resident of the said area.
Initial investigations revealed Billos was under the influence of alcohol when he hacked his mother, Mercedita Billos.
The assailant was eventually pacified and brought to his home.
Shortly after, he returned to his mother’s house and hacked the door using a hoe, locally referred to as “sadol,” where he was again disarmed and pacified.
Claro visited his mother’s house a third time, armed with a cane cutter, locally referred to as “espading.”
34-year-old Arlon Billos tried to pacify his brother, but was also hacked.
The younger Billos reportedly hacked his brother in self-defense several times, resulting in the latter’s death.
The suspect voluntarily surrendered to Cadiz City Police Station the following day.
He is currently detained at the custodial facility of the said police station./NC, WDJ

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