Sipalay City resident shot to death by three gunmen

Posted by watchmen
December 7, 2017
By Neska Centina
A man was shot to death by three unidentified suspects Tuesday morning in Sipalay City.
According to a report, gunmen opened fire at 37-year-old Jonel Villarosa at Sitio Cambogui-ot in the city’s Barangay Camindangan.
Villarosa was working as a driver for Metchian Gregorio, who was with him at the time of the incident, along with two female store helpers.
According to Gregorio, the victim was sitting on a tricycle about two meters from their kiosk when three unidentified armed men attacked and shot Villarosa several times.
The victim tried to escape by crawling on the ground, trying to enter the kiosk, but the suspects continued to shoot him.
The assailants fled towards the mountainous area of the community.
Two slugs from suspected caliber .45 pistol were recovered from the crime scene.
The Sipalay City Police Station is still conducting follow-up investigation in order to identify and arrest the suspects./NC, W

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