Iloilo City Council mandates the use of septic tanks for environmental purposes

Posted by watchmen
December 7, 2017
By Paulo Loreto Lim
The Iloilo City Council recently passed an ordinance requiring the use of septic tanks, intended as a means of promoting environmentally-friendly customs.
“[Improperly] disposed and untreated septic waste affects health,” explained City Councilor R. Leone Gerochi, who authored the ordinance.
He went on to note such practices could spread disease, contaminate groundwater, threaten biodiversity, among other consequences.
The ordinance requires every establishment, whether it be residential or commercial, to have a septic tank, unless they are already connected to a sewage system. Those with a physical tank are then required to have a hauler regularly remove all liquid and solid materials.
The City Septage Management Authority was also created through the policy.
Those found in violation of the ordinance face a P5,000 fine on their first offense; followed by another P5,000 fine on subsequent offenses, along with jail time.
Violators can be cited on either not having a septic tank or being in possession of one that is not designed properly./PLL, WDJ

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