16 years later, the world has long forgotten about 9/11

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September 11, 2017
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With media companies throughout the country ready to observe the anniversary of the 1972 declaration of Martial Law by the late President Ferdinand Marcos, with television specials and political photo opportunities planned to reiterate the same rhetoric, in an effort to continue their mantra of “Never Again;” it seems, based on the latest talking points on the Maute terror group, along with the position of many other countries and their challenges with terrorism, it would appear the lessons from 16 years ago, on September 11, 2001, have already been long forgotten.
A prime example came with discussions of extending the current policy of Martial Law in Mindanao, declared by President Rodrigo Duterte in response to violence initiated by the Maute group, which is openly backed by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Despite ongoing attacks, Liberal Party (LP) president, Senator Francis Pangilinan, responded to the issue with, “We do not believe that Martial Law should be declared in the Visayas or Luzon” – an obvious dodge and a mere suggestion Martial Law is set to be declared nationwide – a typical tactic (stagnating the country by continuing to turn back instead of looking forward) and the only strategy the party has since losing the presidential election of 2016.
Clearly, national security is not an issue for the allies of former President Benigno S. Aquino III, who now sit as a tiny ragtag minority in the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Back in June, Senator Risa Hontiveros, another member of the minority, after being slammed for questioning the validity of the most recent Martial Law declaration, fired back with a reference to Marcos, claiming the late president labeled his opponents as “abetting a rebellion.” Credit must be given to the opposition for the transparency of their platform – there is no doubt their political games are more important than trying to find a solution to the ongoing terror threat in the country.
More recently, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, another minority senator, even likened the ongoing war against illegal drugs to the terror attacks of 9/11, claiming the former is a worse scenario.
Politics has truly taken a turn for the worst when, for the mere purpose of making noise, an elected official likens a campaign to rid the country of a scourge like illegal drugs, which impacts countless individuals, destroys families, perpetuates poverty, and often leads to one’s own demise; to a terror attack launched on New York City’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington, DC, killing thousands, with its aftermath still leaving a mark on those impacted by the onslaught – the two are not comparable.
Not sure where Trillanes was during that fateful day, but for the rest of the world, seeing commercial aircraft, filled with innocent passengers, crash into three of the most recognizable structures in the world is an image engrained in one’s mind for a lifetime. Witnessing the towers collapse live on television is not the same as police forced to open fire when a suspect is resisting arrest. Just like in war, there will always be collateral damage, but it is not equivalent to a terror attack.
Prior to the terror attack in Barcelona earlier this year, city residents took to the streets demanding the country take in more refugees; presumably in line with the open borders policy employed by many other European nations, which has resulted in less than desired results. It has yet to be seen, however, what the current tone of the city is after 13 lives were lost after a terror cell, comprised primarily of radicalized Moroccan immigrants, decided to unleash an attack on city landmark La Rambla, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Barcelona.
As quoted in a previous column, documentarian Ami Horowitz offered an explanation of the current European mindset after uncovering the growing rape culture in Sweden.
“The rise in rape and the rise in murder dovetails almost exactly with the extreme rise in Islamic immigration,” he explained. “The most important part is nobody has an alternative theory on why these rapes and murders are going up.”
It was surmised in the said column, “For Sweden, they want to claim a purely ‘humanitarian’ effort is good for all and, by manipulating the way crime statistics are gathered, they put on a façade for the world.”
It is the same way the LP and their allies try to manipulate what is being presented to the public (via the media). Those in the opposition will overlook the need for continued effort to tamp down ongoing violence in the country, and instead drop buzzwords like “Marcos” and offer unsubstantiated forecasts of Martial Law imposed throughout the entire country, unless their side is supported (where, as exhibited during both Aquino administrations, only the privileged prosper).
It seems quite obvious, as with most politicians (even local officials), they think, by virtue of election, they know more than the average citizen. They think a vote cast for them is not an endorsement to be a representative of the people, but instead a vote declaring them the greatest of citizens. They believe, when they speak, individuals are not capable of reasoning out their statements and are expected to simply accept it as gospel. Wherein, the elites merely go along with it in order to stay in the good graces of those who hold power and merely parrot the same talking points ad nauseam.
National security is an issue that impacts every nation and when a leader makes it a priority, there is always a minority that stands opposed. Yet, instead of openly illustrating their cause as being open borders, placating to terrorists, and merely seeking to attain more power; they paint it as being humanitarian, diplomatic, and the “clamor of the people.”
As with most things with politicians, whether it’s something as commonplace as a vehicular accident caused by mismanaged traffic or a terror attack that devastates a nation, all these so-called leaders do is wait for something to happen and respond by finding a scapegoat. Once they find somebody to blame, they’re ready to pander for votes again./WDJ

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV recently likened the ongoing war against illegal drugs to the terror attacks of 9/11, claiming the former is a worse scenario. On display at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in lower Manhattan, New York City, is the mangled fire truck from Ladder Company 3, which rushed to the World Trade Center to aid victims on the day of the attack – all 11 firefighters carried by the truck died that day after the towers collapsed. There are countless other stories from September 11, 2001 that shows the ongoing war on illegal drugs is not an equivalent to 9/11. (Paulo Loreto Lim photo)


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