NOPPO Director affirms there are no threats against Hinigaran Mayor Castil: Arceo is ill-advised

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August 19, 2017

By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (NOPPO) director, Police Senior Superintendent Rodolfo Castil, yesterday denied there were threats posed against Hinigaran Mayor Nadie Arceo.
“There is no threat from us, why should we threaten him?” Castil asked. “We are here to protect him.”
Castil reiterated, he will not relieve Hinigaran municipal police chief, Police Senior Inspector Lawrence Bathan, from his post, despite Arceo’s claims of Bathan being a “stumbling block” in the anti-illegal drugs campaign.”
Both Castil and Police Regional Office-18 (PRO-18) director, Police Chief Superintendent Edmundo Gonzales, insist there is no basis to relieve Bathan, with the latter saying the municipal police chief is doing a good job.
Castil believes Arceo is “ill-advised” and said he is willing to meet with the mayor, but indicated he would prefer the meeting be in a church and in the presence of a priest.
Earlier, Arceo claimed there have been threats to his life, following his public row with municipal police chief.
He said, since he has been requesting Bathan be relieved from his post, there have been “suspicious-looking” individuals who have been following him.
The mayor also revealed he has been sleeping in the municipal hall amid reports his home is supposed to be raided./WDJ

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