The result when cars are sold at ‘pan de sal prices’

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August 8, 2017
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I was hired by then-Marikina City Mayor Bayani Fernando as his planner fifteen years ago. He personally taught me about good governance and road development.
At the time, EDSA was in such chaos, then-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo eventually hired him as Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman. Consequently, the chaos of EDSA is not the fault of the MMDA, it is those on the road that are at fault.
The length and width of the highway has not changed for fifteen years, however the vehicle population has grown 10-fold – blame those using EDSA.
When Fernando ran for vice president seven years ago, the prospects for an alternative highway were never realized.
Selling motor vehicles at “pan de sal prices” is something that contributes to there being too many vehicles in the country, but the city government just has to enforce the “no garage law” to help with the complications.
Additionally, strict implementation of the “non-use of public roads as overnight regular parking” will also reduce the number of motor vehicles in a certain community.

Bacolod City is about to have its second flyover, with the first one located along the city’s northern link national highway and the second one along the southern link national highway; a third will likely rise along the eastern link national highway – all good moves.
Their existence will only deliver the expected results if the “rules of the game” are enforced – and I mean strictly enforced.
If the proper authorities need guidance, I am around to assist.

Bacolod City is considered a “top model city,” which is something residents should be proud of. Because of that, it is time telephone companies bring down those “spaghetti telephone wires,” which are an eyesore.

With the national smoking ban in effect, thousands of Filipinos are bothered as the law prohibits smoking in public places – this means restaurants and bars must ban smoking, along with eliminating designated smoking areas, like those in the airport.
Laws do not cause confusion in our lives, but it is those who insist on violating the law that create the confusion.

This column greets Tony Oquindo, Boy Montalbo, Mayette Yao, Paolo Araneta, Renato Novero, Maphie Polvora, May Castro, Danny Dangcalan, Joseph Sian, Roland Ramos, and Mimir Guanco./WDJ

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