Duterte’s Shortsightedness

Posted by watchmen
July 31, 2017
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Based on reactions to President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), one can see there are two types of Filipinos.
There are those who like the president’s taunting of international organizations and countries who interfere with the affairs of the Philippines, considering it “badass” and funny.
He was funny and got to cuss, what could be more “awesome?”
Then, there are those looking for substance, who cringed at every bad word uttered and realized, by the end of the speech, perhaps the change Duterte promised is coming at a slow pace.
The president channeled so much of his energy into ridding the nation of illegal narcotics, he overlooked some important things.
Having once pledged his “love” for the Lumads, he recently remarked that he would “bomb Lumad schools,” as they were said to be teaching “subversion” to their students.
He later clarified he would only bomb “empty” Lumad schools.
A bit ironic to bomb a tribal school when the country needs more.
Somewhere in the middle of his SONA, he said he is serving the majority that voted for him. With the said majority cheering him on, he feels he is above the law.
He requested the Armed Forces of the Philippines to go after drug syndicates and, days after the SONA, he requested the Philippine National Police to go after terrorists. He is not only confused; he seems to believe these agencies can overlap.
The SONA did not showcase a lot of change, at the end of the day, the slaughter of 10,000 suspected drug dealers is not the only thing people need – even if applauded by the majority.
Common people need food, water, education, and wise and moral leadership.
I’d like to hope this administration realizes its shortsightedness and act upon it before next year’s SONA./WDJ

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