‘Fish kill’ probe in Hilabangan River ongoing —DENR

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July 11, 2024


Photo courtesy of  Nicanor Lopez
Photo courtesy of Nicanor Lopez


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is still investigating the suspected fish kill in the Hilabangan River at Barangay 2 in Negros Occidental’s Ilog town.

The alleged fish kill was first observed on June 9, when residents reported a significant number of dead fish in the river.

According to Barangay 2 chief Nicanor Lopez, around 2,100 and 9,400 kilos of fish died on June 9 and July 1, respectively.

Water samples from the river were sent to the Negros Prawn Producers Cooperative for analysis, which showed high levels of chlorine.

However, Lucia Salazar, DENR supervising environment specialist, said the sampling and testing process was not followed properly, which could have contaminated the sample.

Salazar emphasized that they will conduct another series of tests to determine the cause of the fish kill.

She noted that various factors may have contributed to the suspected fish kill, including changes in water temperature.

Salazar clarified that there may have been contamination because it took days before the water sample was tested.

It was learned that the sample was taken on June 10, but it was submitted to the laboratory on June 14./JB, WDJ

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