Pageantry beyond crowns

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May 9, 2024
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By Herman M. Lagon

In a world often dazzled by surface beauty, Jade Lyn Buenavides stands as a living symbol of profound growth and resilience. She weaves together her academic pursuits with the sparkle of pageantry. Her journey transcends the traditional path of a beauty queen, showcasing a compelling blend of intellectual rigor and poised elegance that challenges the often narrow perceptions of beauty contests.

Jade’s rise to Ms. RASUC VI 2024 First Runner-Up and Ms. ISUFST 2024 is not merely about donning crowns; it’s about smashing stereotypes. Far from mere spectacles of beauty, her participation in pageants has paralleled a rigorous academic career, disproving the notion that these platforms solely focus on external appearances. At the heart of her story is a powerful message: Pageants can be platforms for empowerment, where intellect and advocacy resonate as much as aesthetics.

Amidst her achievements in the dazzling world of pageantry, Jade’s academic journey at ISUFST has been equally stellar. As a cum laude candidate and the first in her family to graduate from college, her educational pursuits have not only set a new precedent within her family but also spotlight her role as a trailblazer for community and academic aspirations. Her success is a testament to the power of education to elevate individuals beyond their circumstances.

The daughter of a single mother, Jade’s narrative is deeply personal and universally inspiring. Her mother’s unwavering support mirrors the collective aspirations of many families who see education as the ultimate equalizer. This backdrop makes her achievements in academics and pageantry a dual narrative of breaking barriers and setting new standards of excellence.

As a student leader at ISUFST, 21-year-old Jade has used her platform to champion the causes of resilience and perseverance. She showcases how leadership can extend beyond conventional arenas into transformative community engagement by mentoring her peers and advocating for educational and personal development.

This empowerment narrative is enriched by the discussions surrounding the purpose and impact of beauty pageants. While critics argue that pageants may perpetuate outdated standards of beauty and diminish women to mere objects of adornment, Jade’s experience tells a different story. Her journey underscores that beauty pageants, aligned with personal and intellectual growth, can serve as influential venues for advocating change, challenging stereotypes, and promoting a broader definition of beauty, including intelligence, leadership and community service.

Moreover, the global perspective on pageantry is evolving. As pageant enthusiasts and participants articulated, the modern beauty pageant is about much more than physical beauty. It’s about poise, intelligence and the ability to inspire and influence. It’s a platform where women are celebrated for how they look and their thoughts, words and ability to make a difference.

In her preparations to graduate, Jade looks beyond her success to how she can impact the world around her. She aspires not only to achieve personal goals but also to inspire and empower others. Her vision for the future is inclusive, aiming to forge paths others can follow toward their success.

It’s clear that Jade’s legacy at ISUFST and beyond will be measured partly in the titles she’s won and the lives she’s influenced. Her story redefines beauty and success in a way that intertwines grace with academia, leadership with charm, and personal achievement with communal advancement.

Jade Lyn Buenavides is not merely a participant in her own story but a creator of opportunities for others. She proves that beauty, paired with purpose and intellect, can transcend traditional boundaries and redefine norms. Her journey from the classrooms of ISUFST to the stages of beauty pageants is a vivid illustration of how conventional views on beauty and intellect are outdated and ripe for redefinition.

Through Jade’s story, it becomes evident that beauty pageants can be more than superficial showcases. They are arenas where women like Jade can demonstrate that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. Still, they are instead powerful complements that, when combined, can drive significant social and personal change. In this light, pageants emerge not as mere competitions of aesthetics but as platforms for empowerment, leadership and societal impact, aligning perfectly with the modern aspirations of women worldwide.



Doc H fondly describes himself as a “student of and for life” who, like many others, aspires to a life-giving and why-driven world that is grounded in social justice and the pursuit of happiness. His views herewith do not necessarily reflect those of the institutions he is employed or connected with./WDJ


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