Local group slams Ceneco union’s labor strike plan

Posted by watchmen
March 12, 2024


By Jen Baylon

A local power group has raised concerns over the planned labor strike by the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco) Union of Rational Employees (CURE).

Power Watch Negros (PWN) secretary-general Wennie Sancho said the labor strike could have significant negative impacts on power consumers within Ceneco’s franchise area.

Sancho said CURE’s concerted action “is adverse to the interests and welfare of all electricity consumers in the franchise area of Ceneco.”

“It will wreak havoc on every household of all consumers,” Sancho said.

He said the disruption of power supply resulting from the strike could halt numerous business operations, causing substantial financial losses.

“The majority of business operations will grind to a halt if there is no power supply. Construction and other business activities will stop, resulting in losses worth billions of pesos,” he added.

The PWN said the repercussions of a paralyzed Ceneco’s operation would extend beyond financial implications, potentially affecting establishments.

“It shall cause irreparable damage to the lives of the people. Lives would be lost if hospitals could not attend to the sick and the dying,” he said.

“The function of the local government will be suspended, exacerbating the situation amid the water crisis in Bacolod City,” he added.

The PWN secretary-general said CURE should consider broader implications of such actions.

“Despite the magnanimous and even bountiful offer by [Ceneco] for their separation or retirement pay, the union refused the offer,” Sancho said.

The underlying issues fueling the union’s stance, such as opposition to the granting of a franchise to Negros Electric and Power Corporation (NEPC), highlight deeper grievances and tensions within the industry.

Sancho said it is essential to prioritize collaborative solutions that ensure a reliable power supply for consumers while addressing the legitimate concerns of all parties involved.

“The [CURE] became irrational by using the notice of strike as a weapon to threaten the consumers and compel NEPC to agree to their unreasonable demands,” he said./JB, WDJ


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