BTAO lacks traffic enforcers — exec

Posted by watchmen
February 5, 2024


By Mae Singuay

The Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO) lacks traffic enforcers, its deputy officer-in-charge Jose Antonio Robello confirmed.

Robello admitted that due to the lack of traffic enforcers as of now, some streets in the city have been experiencing traffic congestion.

He said the BTAO only deploys their personnel if traffic congestion is observed in some city streets.

Out of the 300 BTAO employees, 200 work as traffic enforcers.

When he was asked how many enforcers are needed by BTAO, Robello said, “I can’t give you an accurate number, kay right now, ang ginahimo ko is gina-roving ko na sila.”

“Ini nga staffing, ginsalo lang ni namon, kag damo kita variables — may truck ban personnel, strikers, traffic enforcers, engineering and administration,” he said.

Robello said they have already requested the city government for additional traffic enforcers.

He also made sure that the traffic enforcers were actually working as he made a request for more personnel.

“Waay ko sina kabalo. Mahuya ‘ko kay Mayor [Alfredo Abelardo Benitez]. Ang 200 enforcers, naga-obra gid ina. I am not saying nga wala sila naga-obra, pero I just need to verify kay amon na responsibilidad to make sure nga naga-obra sila,” he said./MS, WDJ


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