NBI warns AI-generated photos pose privacy, security risks

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November 28, 2023
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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) warns the public of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence or AI-generated photos that can be used in malicious activities.

In a public advisory, NBI in Western Visayas urged netizens to avoid using AI-powered photo generator applications that are deemed risky to the privacy and security of its users.

While they are amusing and seemingly harmless since they create pleasing digital images, these applications may be exploited and can be used to make fake profiles intended for illegal activities.

NBI-6 executive officer for administration agent Aldrin Laurence Mercader during the press conference said that AI-generated photos, as they can be used to fabricate false identities, are susceptible to becoming instruments in data breaching, sexual exploitation, phishing, ransomware attacks, and others.

Some AI apps also produce seemingly alive digital personas that can replicate the way an individual speaks or moves.

“The AI technology utilized by these applications is not limited to just enhancing images. It goes much further. It compiles the data provided by users and creates a digital persona that mimics human speech and movement,” Mercader added.

With these threats, Mercader encourages the public not to engage with these apps, safeguard their online footprint, maintain tight security of their data, and be extra careful in sharing personal information online.

In Antique, the official noted that there are no reports yet of AI-generated photos or videos being used in illegal transactions, but said that NBI remains firm in its stance against the use of AI applications that require the submission of photos and even one’s voice.

NBI then assured the public that they are hot on the tails of criminals, either in cyberspace or the actual world, and are eager to bring them to justice. (PIA)



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