Kai Sotto to prioritize rest before plotting next move

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July 20, 2023
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KAI SOTTO (Mark Demayo / ABS-CBN News photo)
KAI SOTTO (Mark Demayo / ABS-CBN News photo)

Kai Sotto is returning to Manila after a brief stint with the Orlando Magic in the NBA Summer League.

But before he plots his next move, his agent, Tony Ronzone, said that the 7-foot-3 Filipino phenom will first need time to rest after his non-stop basketball journey that lasted for nearly over two years.

“He’s fine now. It’s just back spasms. He’s okay,” Ronzone said in an interview with CNN Philippines.

“There are no issues with him. What he needs right now is to get away from basketball for 10 days, be with his family, and then get himself ready to go,” he added.

Since the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic slowly eased, Sotto has played with the NBL’s Adelaide 36ers, the Japan B.League’s Hiroshima Dragonflies, and also had stints donning the Gilas Pilipinas jersey during the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers.

And despite the reports of Sotto finally rejoining the national team’s practices, the only information that Ronzone has confirmed is that the former Atenean will be landing on home soil.

“Out of respect to the Filipino federation and to Chot [Reyes], I’ll let them make that announcement, but he is on his way back to Manila. He loves the country and he loves the game of basketball,” he said.

“He is just a great kid and he loves your country. You have a very proud 7-foot-3 man who is flying back to Manila,” he added.

Sotto had previously bared that his decisions were still to be determined as his focus was recovering from his back injury.

As for what awaits him in the NBA, the former Dallas Maverick official said that things are still in a wait-and-see stage, especially that the Summer League has just concluded.

“Those conversations haven’t started right now because the Summer League just finished, but the biggest thing is he got put on a world stage, and he was able and willing to play,” he said.

Ronzone then added that even with all the uncertainties, Sotto has a number of options that will help him pursue his ultimate goal of making it into the NBA.

“Right now, he has a contract in Japan, but he also has an NBA out, two-way [contract] out, and a G-League out. Those are three different options,” he said.

“All of those give him an opportunity to learn and get better, and get an opportunity to pursue his dream. We have to wait to hear from executives, but whatever it is, Kai wants to pursue his dream,” he said. (ABS-CBN News)

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