New Year, New Beginning

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January 10, 2022
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The year 2021 was already a history. Whatever happened in 2021 was an experience no matter what, we learned lessons from it. We must not dwell on the past, whatever flaws we made we must forget that and move on. This is now a new beginning, we must begin the year with a positive attitude and with the right mindset. Tomorrow is another day, forget whatever happened yesterday and rectify your mistakes.
We have experienced meeting people with not so good attitude, a very not desirable attitude towards his/her fellowmen. A person with a toxic mindset whose main purpose is to make his/her personality smells good to others but in fact his/her true self stinks. This is the kind of person who makes a good show to make it appear that he/she is good. But it is just temporary, the truth will always prevail. God is the best judge in all of us. He sees the truth and disciplines us when the need arises.
Year 2022 is another opportunity for us to improve in whatever undertakings we had. We must thank God for another year of God’s faithfulness and blessings. We are blest because we are alive and kicking, which was denied to others especially this time of pandemic. Though sometimes big problems surround us but still God is good. We have friends who didn’t make it, so sad, but we must embrace reality.
May the good Lord will continue to guide us and shower His blessings upon us in whatever nature. We must entrust everything to Him because without Him we can do nothing. We will depend on Him everyday and ask His will to us so that our actions can never be wrong. A decision not guided by the Almighty is nothing.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Watchmen Daily Journal for giving me this space to share my thoughts and opinions. As a journalist, this is an avenue worth commending. Again as we begin the new year, Watchmen Daily Journal will be here to be an avenue of news, information , and opinion on matters that affect people in general./WDJ


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