Campaign protocols for 2022 elections

Posted by watchmen
October 7, 2021
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The election fever can be felt already as the filing of certificate of candidacy (COC) started last October 1, 2021. This time around the campaign strategy will be different from what it used to be because of the unprecedented pandemic. This is really a big challenge for the Commission on Elections (Comelec) especially in preparing election campaign guidelines and protocols.
Are big crowd meetings with entertainment fanfare still allowed considering the social distancing issue? Will face-to-face campaign coupled with handshaking still be considered? These are just a few questions that need to be cleared by Comelec with regards to the ongoing COC filing.
Social media is one platform for campaign that will thrive this political season. Almost all media entities now can also be seen in social media, adapting to the changes as far as audience share is concerned. Media industry is also affected by the pandemic considering that a candidate can have a program in a social media page at a minimal cost, and anyone can see and hear at the comfort of his/her mobile phone compared to the costly airtime in radio and television.
Here in Bacolod City local political camps have their respective lineups already for the upcoming polls. Indeed in politics nothing is permanent, every election is different. A lot of politicians are eager to win. For the sake of political survival, even if they are not comfortable in a certain political party they will still go to that party as long as winnability is certain. And all I can say is in a political environment nothing is permanent. Change is universally permanent.
Meanwhile, a lot of new faces will run for councilor in Bacolod City and in my simple opinion I would rather go for independent candidates. We need new faces in the council who have good leadership skills and will ensure that the interest of the majority through a good legislation will be passed. Some critics will say that a lot of laws had already been passed but the problem is the implementation. It’s true. However, we still need the city council as a branch of the government with the main function of check and balance. We need new faces in the council who, regardless of party affiliation, will stand for the truth and protect the interest of the people.
Maybe we can ask this question: why is it that lots of political figures who have been there for a long time keep on running again and again? Do they still have something to prove to the people? Do they still have unaccomplished projects?

To the electorate, this is one issue that we need to consider. Why do they keep on running? Are they still not contented of their previous performances? There are a lot of potential good men. And this is a challenge to all of you: if you have the capacity and capability then throw your hat in public office. We need to discern more this coming polls. We need to be vigilant and learn what is happening locally and in the national level. We need men whose leadership skills and integrity are beyond question. Let us uphold what is right for the benefit of the next generation./WDJ

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