No time to waste

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September 28, 2021
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With the somehow foreseeable new landscape of the post-COVID world, we can tell that we have no time to waste as we face new and, most likely, formidable challenges. It’s very likely that we have to do some innovations, reinventions and up-skilling, if we want not only to survive but rather to prosper and contribute greatly to the quest of the common good.

We have to spend a lot of time studying, researching, observing, testing and going through the different exercises and stages of the processes involved. More importantly, we need to discipline ourselves so as not to be dominated simply by moods and personal preferences, biases and other weaknesses that can undermine the objectivity of our needs.

Of course, it goes without saying that we should maintain a positive, go-getter outlook before the new challenges we are going to have. We should never give a chance to any trace of pessimism and discouragement to enter our mind. We need to be a good sportsman who, in spite of his acknowledged limitations, would still go on fighting and trying.

We really cannot afford to be distracted. We have to be well-focused, though it does not mean that we have to be rigid. In this kind of game, we have to learn how to blend focus with resilience, consistency with adaptability. We have to know how to be judicious in using old and new things.

This is a big challenge we have today, considering the tremendous amount of distractions we have, both the legitimate and the illegitimate ones, the latter far outnumbering the former.

Yes, we, of course, need some distractions as a way of rest and relaxation. But in this human need, we should not lose our proper focus. Rather, we have to learn how to stay properly focused while having those legitimate distractions. We have to be most wary of our tendency to be so carried away by them that we compromise that focus.

Thus, it is important that we have a clear idea of what to do for the day, at least, before we get the skill of knowing what to do for the week and the month. It may be helpful to have a fixed schedule and a to-do list, so at least we could have some guide.

As much as possible we should avoid beginning the day without a plan and a strategy in mind, and just relying on some chancy inspiration. We should also avoid delaying things. As much as possible, what is written in the schedule should be done on time, “hodie et nunc,” today, now.

What is also helpful is that we be transparent, simple and humble, so that in that way we would find it easy to acknowledge our failures and to ask for help or to make consultations. And when we succeed, things would not go to our head that would usually stop us from pursuing more and better possibilities. These virtues would make us feel light and agile whenever we encounter some surprises along the way.

What should motivate us to do all this is the desire to do God’s will, to give him glory and to do apostolate, that is, helping others find and love God in whatever they do. This is the motivation that is capable of surmounting whatever difficulty we may have.

It would also assure us that whatever happens, we know that we are all in God’s hands. He will take care of everything. He has the last word. Ours is simply to go along with his will and ways as best that we can.

So, we should not waste time, giving in to some fears, sadness, anxiety. We should just move on. And feel the thrill and suspense of facing a somewhat different world and tackling new challenges. Let’s consider the whole thing a wonderful divinely-scripted-and-guided adventure!/WDJ

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