Pa shoots son dead in Murcia

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September 3, 2021
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By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

A son believed to be suffering from a mental illness was shot dead by his father late Wednesday night at Purok Pradahan, Barangay Pandanon Silos in Negros Occidental’s Murcia town.

Police have requested not to identify the 43-year-old victim, as well as the 63-year-old father involved in the shooting.

Murcia police chief, Police Captain Jerald Muya, said the victim went to his family’s home and threatened to kill his parents who were inside the house.

The victim, who was carrying a bolo, then tried breaking the gate of the house.

The father, armed with a firearm, tried to pacify his son, however, the victim started swinging his bolo attempting to hit his father.

The father was forced to pull out his caliber .357 revolver and shot his son in the head, killing him on the spot.

The family immediately contacted authorities of what transpired and the father surrendered to police.

In a separate statement given by the father to members of the media, he claimed that he never wanted to shoot his son, however, he was forced to do it in order to protect his family.

He claimed that they have been constantly harassed by the victim numerous times, and even attempted to set their truck on fire and repeatedly made threats that he would kill his elder sibling.

He further added that his son started becoming mentally ill due to alcoholism and refusing to eat his meals.

He also revealed to police that he was planning to have his son admitted to a mental healthcare facility this coming October.

Muya, meanwhile, seemed to support the father’s claims that his son was possibly mentally ill, pointing out they have repeatedly responded to the family’s house multiple times.

He said the victim was not only harassing his own family, but he had also harassed several of the local residents in the area either by making threats or throwing stones at passing individuals or vehicles.

Police are currently waiting for the family’s decision if the criminal charge of parricide will be filed./DGB, WDJ


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