Taxpayers don’t deserve incompetent gov’t employees

Posted by watchmen
August 13, 2021
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Needless to say but just to remind our government officials and employees regardless of rank in the service that the salaries, bonuses, and other perks you enjoyed came from the hard earned money of the taxpayers. It is therefore safe to say that your bosses are the Filipino taxpayers. If the people are your bosses you should treat, respect and serve them with utmost diligence whenever they come to your office. Provide them the assistance they need without partiality, regardless of their status in life. Serve the rich, the middle class and the poorest of the poor the same. Treat them equally so that the government service they deserve will be served. 
There are some government employees who are always late for work. Worse is before they serve the public they wasted 30 minutes doing their makeup and other beauty regimen. And the worst is some of them are stuck for a couple of hours on their mobile phones playing their favorite game or watching their favorite Korean drama. These government employees do not deserve a single minute in government service. The people’s money is being wasted to these not deserving workers.
Most often than not these unscrupulous (no moral principle, dishonest, not fair, no work ethics, exploitative, crooked, untrustworthy) government employees are in the service because they have connections in the main office. That is why they are preferred from other applicants even if their qualifications are not at par from others. The trend in the government service is not what you know but whom you know. Even in the lowest position it is whom you know, even if the applicant is less qualified it can be justified as long as you have a powerful backup.
However, when they are already in the public service their true character and incompetence come out. Some of them are already decades in public service yet their performance is worse than the neophytes. No matter how long they are in the job they don’t have the eagerness to learn and be productive. It’s really a dangerous character. I even know one who doesn’t care of the outcome of his task. I pity his immediate superior because he bears the burden of the incompetence of his subordinate. Worst is he doesn’t admit his flaws, instead he acts as if he is the best. They act like they are the chosen few and the king of the government agency.
Furthermore, with this kind of government employees, their co-employees are the one who suffer in silence because they are afraid and intimidated. Their brand is if they don’t like their co-employees, they make up stories and report it to their “padrino.” They are 101 percent more of a liability than an asset. They are the headache in the government service, so hard to eradicate because of their connections.

Again, with this kind of government employees, the taxpayers’ money is wasted, no return of investment. We really are at the mercy of the system.

So, the next time you drop at any government agency be proud of yourselves, you are the taxpayer and you are their BOSS. If they treat you unfairly and rude don’t hesitate to file a complaint at the Civil Service Commission who has the jurisdiction over them./WDJ

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