Settlement reached over ‘kidnapping’ case against foreigner, nanny

Posted by watchmen
August 3, 2021

By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

The kidnapping case against Australian national Peter Lay and his nanny was settled, weeks after they were arrested in Bacolod City.

Both Lay and the nanny were nabbed for allegedly kidnapping two minors and taking them to Bacolod City last month.

Dumaguete City police chief Lt. Colonel Joeson Parallag said Lay reached a settlement with the victims’ mother during the preliminary investigation.

Although Dumaguete City police are pushing that the victims’ mother was Lay’s ex-girlfriend, Lay released a statement claiming that his partner was lying.

According to him, the victims’ mother is not his ex-girlfriend and the children were not kidnapped.

Lay said he and his partner have not ended their relationship and are currently working things out.

He explained the nine-year-old girl is his step-daughter while he is the biological father of the three-year-old boy.

“I am his biological father. The children were rescued from my cheating partner (who was with another man) by myself, my partner’s brother, and my children’s nanny,” he explained.

Lay also stated that the nanny was arrested with him because she assisted in locating his partner and her children so they can return back safely to his home in Bacolod City.

He further added the case against him and the nanny is now dismissed./DGB, WDJ



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