Stolen vehicle batteries on the rise

Posted by watchmen
April 28, 2021
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Incidents of vehicle battery theft are sprouting like mushrooms in the city of Bacolod. And it seems that no solution is in sight considering that the victims are not reporting it anymore to the police for unknown reasons. Because of this thieves can get away with it, unless otherwise they are caught in flagrante delicto. 

These unscrupulous, lazy and stone-hearted individuals remain scot-free because of so many reasons. They are taking advantage of the situation especially when there is a power interruption. When everybody is wandering in the darkness they strike. They have already monitored the area and when the time is ripe, they will strike.
Karma is universal and these thieves will someday face the consequences of their actions. They have no conscience anymore as long as they can have money in an easy way. Maybe some of these thieves feed their families from the proceeds of their stolen items. Hopefully their children will not be like them and will someday make a difference.

Stolen vehicle batteries may be a trivial matter, but some victims are not that rich. They can barely afford to buy a new vehicle battery to replace the stolen one just so they can use their vehicles again for their small businesses in order to provide food for their families.
This is a big challenge to the Bacolod police. They have to establish mechanism to prevent the rise of theft and roberry incidents in the city. As for us, the ordinary citizens, we must be vigilant in making sure that no thieves can penetrate our domain.
Karma is universal, walang forever. It’s a matter of time before karma comes around. These thieves are taking advantage of the pandemic to make easy money, all they have is guts. Instead of making a living through hardwork and dedication they resort to illegal activities. These people should rot in jail. Our lawmakers must also take into consideration to increase the penalty for thieves./WDJ


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