Calatrava man accused of raping minor nabbed

Posted by watchmen
February 17, 2021

Police caught a rape suspect in Sitio Takda, Barangay Dolis in Negros Occidental’s Calatrava town around 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 15.

Ryan Planas alias “Dondon” was arrested through an arrest warrant by the joint elements of the Calatrava Police Station, 1st Negros Occidental Police Provincial Mobile Company and Provincial Intelligence Unit of the Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office.

Planas was accused of raping a minor in 2007.

Police said the victim, who was temporarily living at the suspect’s house, got pregnant. She was on her eighth month of pregnancy when she confessed to her mother about the rape incident which they immediately reported to the police.

The suspect was detained at the Calatrava Police Station. The court recommended no bail for his temporary liberty./WDJ





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