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December 22, 2020

Moving about watching the preparation of families and friends for the holidays, I came to drop by the home of a lady who has passion for food and friend hosting. This gourmet guru welcomed me at once in her super spacious home quarters where one could see around big old trees, flowers, a water pond, and stone wall gushing with water like the sound of small waterfalls. 

Elsie L. Gonzaga, more known to the gourmet world and civic society as ELG, let me walk around her home – an old structure but elegant at that with some of the walls with coral stones and old hardwood. But this was not the reason I visited her place. I wanted to see how she prepared her own family abode with simple but elegant decors.

The lady is fond of hosting friends and occasionally friendly clientele to dine in her home. I always visited her place, wherein she treated me with her desert delights of avocado mousse, espresso chocolate cake, creamy choco cakes, and those bagels, cheesy bread, and more. In a very exclusive occasion a month ago, she invited me for a special evening which featured her specially marinated USDA Prime Rib cooked and roasted to perfection.

ELG prepares her home to treat special friends in several occasions for the Yuletide season. She finds the holidays as her best moment to charm her beautiful friends with the best that her kitchen could offer.

My visits to her place got me awed with the way she prepared her dining tables with unique set-ups of dining wares and more.

And how I love to see her garden – a nature of simplicity – that could fill me with heart-warming feelings./WDJ

The ELG Christmas Tree
An al fresco layout to enjoy fresh moments.
ELG’s whole juicy USDA Prime Rib Roast
Thickly slice and roasted to perfection is ELG’s USDA Prime Rib steak for her circle.
A floral indoor setting for the holidays inside ELG’s grand living room.
The outdoor set-up is so romantic for a Yuletide treat and special occasions.
The simple wood and coral entrance of ELG’s home.
The formal dining table set-up
The ELG coral-stoned service bar with Yuletide touch.




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