God’s original and ultimate will

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November 18, 2020
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God’s original will for us has not changed at all despite the mess we created. That original will continues to be his ultimate will for us. And that is that we truly become his image and likeness, meant to share in his life and nature in our definitive status which we hope to obtain at the end of time in heaven. 

We have to be clear about this fundamental truth about us, especially since it is about our primordial relation with our Creator. Yes, in spite of the total unworthiness we all feel about this God-given dignity of ours, that truth holds. We cannot do anything to change or modify it. We just have to accept it and try our best to comply with God’s will for us.

We need to proclaim this truth more widely, because in spite of the significant catechesis done since time immemorial, this truth has not yet entered deep in the minds and hearts of many people. Many are still ignorant of it or have not realized the full implications of such truth.

Of course, there are those who still need to be convinced that there is God and that we come from him and not just from our parents. They certainly require a major conversion. But even among those who are supposed to be believers already, it cannot be denied that many do not have a clear idea about God’s ultimate will for us which should actually be their ultimate purpose in life also.

That is why many are entangled in worldly and temporal affairs, in varying degrees of success and failure, without realizing that everything in their life is meant to lead them to achieve God’s will for us.

In other words, many still do not realize that our creation is still a work in progress, and that we need to keep our relation with God alive and vibrant if only to make sure that we are heading in the right direction. Many still have a weak sense of religion.

Of course, this ultimate will of God for us is manifested to us in different levels. We have the Ten Commandments which can be described as the Old Law, a summary of the natural law that is supposed to prepare and dispose us to the New Law that would convert us into God’s image and likeness, children of his.

Part of God’s will is expressed in the duties inherent in our state of life and the different positions we occupy in life. These duties that spring from some earthly authority like our parents, the state, etc., also express God’s will since the authority that commands them is always a participation in the authority of God. (cfr. Rom 13, 1)

God’s will is fully expressed in the New Law which is the law of grace, the law that identifies us with Christ himself. It is what brings about the supernatural life in us. It enables us to live the beatitudes and to be another Christ, ‘alter Christus,’ much like what St. Paul said: “It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me.” (Gal 2, 20)

Given our human condition that is prone to mistakes, falls and sin, we can still obey God’s will as long as we also take the necessary means provided by Christ and now made available in the Church. These are mainly the sacraments.

Humanly speaking, we should just have that sporting attitude of having to begin and begin again, seeing to it that we get up every time we fall. That way, we will continue on our way to fulfilling God’s ultimate will for us, that is, that we fully become his image and likeness, vitally sharing in his life and nature.

That’s the definitive state of our life, our true ultimate home!/WDJ


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