What’s in store for the last quarter’s economy

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October 9, 2020
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Millions of Filipinos are in a quandary as to the state of the people’s lives in the last three months of the year. The people are praying that government leaders and politicians are able to play it well better sans political motives in their mindset. 

With just a year before massive political campaigns for the coming national and local elections, Pinoys are malicious to think that fund-gathering is the priority of those who want to be back in their power seats. With seven months of economic fiasco, surely many government projects and business undertakings were ceased or put on hold.


Some political minds gathered to have coffee and shared their opinions on the future of this country.

“If only local political leaders do not give priority to their personal political motives, this country will move on; but sad to say from the top and down to the lowest echelon of the political map, it is money that is the rule of political election,” said a retired teacher.

“You can count with your fingers who are honestly serving their constituents; they help the people but they expect something in return and that is the sad state of our country,” added an engineer.


“The economy has been seriously affected by the pandemic and some local governments have not cared much on the unemployment and business losses in their communities. Yes, they give out food packs and money dole-outs but that remains to be presented to the people as a reminder whom to vote the next election,” expressed a religious pastor.

“Some local politicos are not honest in declaring the quarantine status of their town or city; it is said that the ECQ or MECQ status gives the local politicians monetary support from the national government but when they declare this, the local economy is in a worst scenario,” said a retired banker.


“In the case of Bacolod where MECQ was declared last month, businesses were allowed to open but there was no public transport; how could people move about then; it was horrible,” stated a lady entrepreneur.

“If public transport was halted then the economy is grossly affected; how can one expect to even buy essential goods if one does not have a personal transport vehicle,” a meat dealer stated.


“Yes, shopping malls were allowed to open but it was worse than Good Friday inside their premises as the movement of local residents was not possible with the cancellation of the operation of jeepneys and taxicabs. How these drivers will be able to feed their own families would remain to rely on local government dole-outs,” a transport leader expressed.


Is the IATF representation fruitful?

Coffee talks have it that the national IATF sent over a representation to assist the local government in the pandemic status of Bacolod City. It was observed though that no updates of the discussions in their meetings were expressed to the concerned public grossly affected by the pandemic status.

Members of the business sector expressed their opinion that whatever they have talked about should at least be shared to the public. The business leaders believe that results of their talks must be known to the people./WDJ

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