Workplace Protective Measure Protocol

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September 28, 2020
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I came across an article written by Dr. Adonis Guancia on Facebook. The article was shared by Dr. Evna Lin Tamayo Agraviador, a good family friend who specializes in treating cancer patients. It is about how to observe the workplace protective measure protocols which is worth sharing so that those who are complacent about it must take steps in ensuring the safety of everybody in the workplace.  
In Dr. Guancia’s article, he said, “The principle is social distancing. Being friends does not mean you trust the lives of your family members on that relationship.”
He also wrote:
1. Health declaration form should be filled up by the employee daily.
2.All employees should be wearing face masks and face shields. No one should be allowed to interact with their colleagues off this protective gears. Penalty must be imposed.
3. If the company does not have a designated eating area, employees may eat at their area of work altogether but on a schedule that nobody adjacent to each other eat together.
4. If the company has a cafeteria, efforts should be done that it be ventilated and physical distancing must be imposed. If it is not ventilated, to mitigate airborne transmission, face shield shouldn’t be removed while eating and conversation must not be allowed.
4. The company must provide soap and water for hand washing.
5. Masks can only be removed in a secluded area, maybe a toilet after a proper hand washing is done.
Thank you, Dr. Guancia, for reminding us that if we just observe and follow this health protocol it can mitigate the rise of Covid positives and will be very beneficial to all of us. All we need is total discipline. In view of protocols and pro-active measures, here in the city of Bacolod social distancing is not being observed in public places and there is no monitoring team that strictly implements the same. To add up to the worsening situation, there are reports that a Covid positive person is allegedly allowed to go home after a 14-day quarantine period without taking another swab test to ensure that the result is already negative. Is this true? What is the safety protocol to be followed? How can the public be protected with this kind of policy?
Is certificate enough proof that they are Covid-free after the quarantine period without conducting another swab test as clinical basis? This is just a simple question that needs to be clarified. What is the justification that after the 14-day period a Covid positive person does not need another swab test and be allowed to report to work if he or she is working? In comparison based on our experience is that when we finished the prescribed medicines of our doctor for a couple of days, our physician will instruct us to go back to undergo the needed checkup before he /she can conclude that we are already fit. In this time of pandemic which cost the lives of millions all over the world how come we are so complacent about it, if indeed the report is true.
For our own protection and our family we must not rely solely on the government. We must develop the sense of responsibility and be matured enough to follow the health protocols. The government must strictly enforce social distancing and wearing of face mask, considering that Bacolod City is under MECQ due to the spike of Covid-19 cases.

What went wrong? After September 30, 2020, what’s next? Our public officials must have an objective decision because the economy is suffering, majority of no-work no-pay workers are suffering because they cannot report for work and no government assistance in sight./WDJ


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