Economic effects of MECQ

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September 25, 2020
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Bacolod City residents felt the economic pain and drain as the city reverted to modified enhanced community (MECQ) until September 30. The sudden pronouncement has brought devastating scenarios to businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals, and more so to the local populace.

While local authorities may claim that the declaration helps in the prevention of the Covid infections, many said that locking down the economic doors has more serious effects.

Many believed that the closure of the borders between Panay and Negros Occidental is another one as the suspension of travel seems to be putting the economy in danger.


Businesses continue but no public transport

This is one angle of comedy for many. While businesses are allowed to open on a limited scale, the absence of public transport is the biggest worry. The local government issued home quarantine passes allowing certain members of the families to move on essential errands but how can this be when there are no jeepneys nor taxis. Residents do not see the logic on this angle.

Jeepney groups said that the local authorities should have created a scheme of scheduled public transport service in operation.

Local business groups should have been consulted by political leaders and not just discuss among themselves, transport leaders said.


Tourism week celebrated

Kudos to Negros Occidental Governor Bong Lacson for the celebration of the Tourism Week in the province. Indeed, he continues to believe that tourism is an economic booster in the province and even worldwide as he has given the Negros Occidental Tourism Division the nod in putting focus on the value of tourism even during this pandemic.

The leadership of Dr. Jennylind Cordero in the tourism office is also an inspiration, reminding all tourism officers in the province to continue their efforts in tourism promotion in the local level. With the support of DOT-6 Regional Director, Atty. Helen J. Catalbas, the Western Visayas tourism campaign’s “Safely Experience Western Visayas First” is put in place effectively especially this virus season.

Cheers to Governor Lacson and Abanse Negrense!


The Manila Bay Sand

Despite the serious effort of the national government in prioritizing sanitation, the opposition kept on opposing almost everything the administration does.

The white sand in Manila Bay is one example. Now that President Duterte and his men have cleaned up the eyesore along Manila Bay, still the political opposition does not like the idea. That is plain and simple dislike and disgust because they lost the national leadership seat, said a retired banker.

No one from the opposition has ever lifted a finger and declared to help the national government pursue its efforts; they just oppose, said a brilliant lawyer.

Anyway, the white sand conversion of the garbage area in Manila Bay is now a magic to thousands of Metro Manila residents. They could not be blamed for crowding Manila Bay to get a glimpse of Boracay-like experience. Let it be that way. And please penalize those who continue to throw trash in the area, said a Manila resident.


Local community supports Mayor Jerry

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas has proven his worth as comebacking city dad for the Ilonggos.

It is during this pandemic that one could feel the love of the residents for their mayor, said a senior citizen.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the mayor received endless support from the business community in his sincere effort to bring aid to the residents. Mayor Jerry is also lauded for his creation of Uswag Kitchen for the massive distribution of cooked food (not sardines or packed noodles) to the Ilonggos. It is headed by his wife Rosalie Sarabia-Treñas.

Indeed, Mayor Jerry was among the listed good mayors who performed well as public servants in this time of pandemic, along with Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto and Marikina City Mayor Marcy Teodoro./WDJ

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